Seasons Lodge is a family built and family run boutique hotel situated in Pongwe, along the North East coast of Zanzibar. At Season’s we provide a place for you to experience the colorful and raw beauty of Zanzibar while leaving a low carbon footprint. Under the ethos of responsible tourism, Season’s is solely built with sustainable local material and the excellent local craftsmanship. Come and enjoy the colors of the Seasons!

Stay with us

Follow the path underneath the overgrown pagoda through the colourful gardens to your seafront cottage, hidden behind an antique Zanzibari door. Each cottage is surrounded by walled tropical gardens to guarantee complete privacy, opening up to the ocean with breathtaking views on the ever-changing hues of blues. Enjoy your morning coffee in tranquility on your veranda or take a snooze in the afternooon on your private beach. Our spacious seaview rooms on the first floor above the reception are ideal for single or triple occupation.


As much as the island allows, we source our food from organic local suppliers or our own kichen garden. Enjoy delicious home cooked meals, savouring the vast range of flavours the Spice Islands have to offer.


Discover the many scenic public spots scattered across the lodge and settle in for a recreational day full of vitamin D, crystal sea water and the soothing sounds of the ever-changing Indian ocean. The first rule in Zanzibar: stay hydrated! Be responsible and have a creamy pina colada or an ice cold Kilimanjaro at the Temple bar by the pool or Bar es Salaam in the main house. No need to get wet but still in for pool? The Mint Lounge features the most spectacular pool table of the island, set on a cliff above the water, inviting to a breezy game.

MINT Events

Sunday Sessions – our favourite day of the week! Season’s Lodge is all about the colours, the flavours and the tranquil pace of Zanzibar. On Sunday’s we celebrate our beloved island lifestyle with the finest electronic music by DJ Lox, Fractor, DJ J.K. & friends. Expect spontaneous live art performances. Friends and family come together to enjoy great food, summer drinks and fabulous company.

MINT Events gets you the vibe into your own home, hotel or wherever a 4×4 can reach. We supply sound, lighting, furniture, carpeting, Tentickle stretch tents and eventing crew & services for private and commercial events in Zanzibar.